What is Jewish Pathways?

Jewish Pathways is for people who want to take the next step in their Torah learning and observance. You may be new to Jewish observance and need to “catch up,” or you may be an old-timer who wants to learn in a more systematic, comprehensive way. Jewish Pathways courses are built around essential learning components like videos lectures, readings, slide shows and quizzes. Whether in areas of Jewish law or Jewish thought, Pathways will give you the confidence to handle all kinds of situations and issues that may come up.

Who is behind Jewish Pathways?

Jewish Pathways was developed by Aish.com, the largest Judaism website with 3 million monthly visitors and 270,000 email subscribers. We are a division of Aish HaTorah, a network of Jewish educational centers, with programs in 100 cities on 6 continents.

How do I register for Pathways courses?

Enrolling is easy. Just click on any course title, and this will give you registration instructions. Prior to registration, you will be able to view a sample class for each course. Then, when you register for a particular course, you will have access to all classes, multi-media elements, and tests.

Registration for a Pathways account is required before logins will work. If you are already a member of Aish.com, you still need to register for a Pathways account. You can register for a Pathways account here.

How much does each course cost?

Typically an online course would cost about $100. But Pathways has been given a generous grant that enables us to offer each course for the low price of $18. But even better – for a limited time only – we are offering these courses absolutely free.

How long does it take to go through a course?

That depends on the length of the course. Pathways courses average about 30 class segments. It is recommended to study one class segment each week, devoting an average of 1-3 hours to each segment. Of course, you have the flexibility to go through the course at a faster or slower pace, depending on your available time.

When is the online material accessible?

There are no semesters, so you can begin a course of study any day of the year. Each Pathways class can be read either online, or as a PDF version that you can print out and study at your own pace -- anywhere, anytime. You can concentrate on one subject at a time, and when that course is completed, move on to the next one. Or, you may choose to take different courses concurrently.

How can I track my progress through a course?

Many Pathways classes have interactive online testing. These are usually multi-choice questions, which are scored automatically online. Furthermore, all of your test results are stored in your personal online account, so you can track your progress as you study the material.

How can I ask questions?

Throughout the site, you will find an icon for “Help/Questions.” Simply click the icon and you can ask either technical questions regarding issues such as registration, or educational questions about the class material itself. In most instances, a Pathways representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Furthermore, if you live in the US, Canada or the UK, you may qualify for one-on-one telephone learning with a private mentor. Any subject can be learned, at a time that's good for you. This service is absolutely free. To find out more, go to http://www.jinspire.org/one-on-one, or in the UK - www.phoneandlearn.org

I forgot my username and/or password. How can I be reminded?

If you've forgotten your password, but know your username, click here. If you've forgotten both your username and your password, click here.

What kind of computer or other hardware do I need?

  • Any PC or Mac computer is fine.
  • You will also need a connection to the Internet. (A high-speed connection is necessary for some of the multi-media features.)
  • Pathways is optimized for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2; other current browsers should also work.
  • For logins to work, your browser has to accept cookies from both aish.com and secure.aish.com.
  • JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Flash Player should be installed.
  • Your pop-up blocker should be turned off.

Can I use Pathways materials for my school?

Our sole purpose in creating Jewish Pathways is to promote Torah learning and observance. Therefore any Jewish school or organization is free to use these educational materials. These courses are perfect for Partners-in-Torah mentors who want interesting, organized material to explore with your study partner. All we ask is that you give attribution to our website.

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