D'orayta (D'oraysa) -- a law legislated by the Torah

D'Rabbanan -- a law legislated by the Sages

da'at (da'as) -- knowledge

Da'at Ba'al Habayit (Da'as Ba'al Habayis) -- lit: [according to] the host's intentions; a rule of brachot which ties a guest's eating to specifically what is served

Daf Yomi -- lit.: a page a day; popular system for studying the Talmud, in order to complete the entire Talmud in seven and a half years

dan l'kaf zechut (zechus) -- giving the benefit of the doubt

dati -- religious

davar gush -- a chunk of food

davar hamosif hevel -- insulation that adds heat

davar she-aino mitkaven (miskaven) -- an action that may lead to something prohibited, but where the intent is for a permitted result

davar she-aino mosif hevel -- insulation that does not add heat

daven -- pray (Yiddish)

dayan -- a particularly scholarly rabbi who serves on a rabbinic court

derech achilah -- an action done in the course of eating

derech eretz -- lit.: the way of the land; manners, respect

derech tash'misho -- something's “normal use”

Deut. (Deuteronomy) -- last of the Five Books of Moses

Deuteronomy -- last of the Five Books of Moses

devar Torah (pl.: divrei Torah) -- lit.: word of Torah; a short speech on a Torah topic

Devarim -- lit.: words, things; Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Torah

din -- law, judgment

divrei Torah (sing.: devar Torah) -- lit.: word of Torah; a short speech on a Torah topic

dosh -- lit.: “threshing”; the forbidden Shabbat activity of separating a growing item from its natural shell or peel

drasha -- a talk or sermon interpreting a Torah passage

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