ga'avah -- conceit or arrogance

gabbai -- lit.: attendant; a communal appointee who arranges synagogue services, or collects charity

galut (galus) -- exile, either physical or spiritual

gam zu le'tovah -- this too is for the good

Gaon (pl.: Gaonim) -- “great one” or “genius”; head of a Torah academy in Babylon (6th - 11th centuries)

Gaonim (sing.: Gaon) -- “great ones” or “geniuses”; heads of the Torah academies in Babylon (6th - 11th centuries)

Gehenom -- Jewish purgatory, a place of cleansing from sin

gelilah -- the honor of dressing the Torah scroll, following the completion of a public Torah reading

Gemara -- lit.: learning (Aramaic); another name for the Talmud, which expands upon the Mishnah

gematria -- Jewish numerology; each Hebrew letter has a corresponding numeric value, which reveals numeric significance in entire words or sentences

gemilut chasadim (gemilus) -- acts of kindness

Genesis -- first of the Five Books of Moses

genizah -- a place for depositing papers that contain God’s Name and/or words of Torah; the papers are then buried with honor

ger -- convert to Judaism

get (pl.: gittin) -- document of divorce

geula -- redemption

gevurah -- strength

gezerah -- lit.: “decree”; Shabbat restriction instituted by the Sages

gezerot (gezeros) -- lit.: “decrees”; Shabbat restrictions instituted by the Sages

gibor -- hero; strong

gittin (sing.: get) -- documents of divorce

glatt kosher -- glatt literally means “smooth,” referring to the lungs of a chicken which have been deemed free of any lesions; commonly used to refer to any stricter standard of kashrut

golem -- a creature, made through kabbalistic methods, that has a human form but no soul

goy -- lit.: nation; a non-Jewish person; not necessarily derogatory

gozez -- lit.: “shearing”; the forbidden Shabbat activity of removal of something that grows upon a living being

Gra -- The Vilna Gaon - Rabbi Eliyahu bar Shlomo Zalman (1720-1797), author of classic commentary on the Bible, Talmud and Shulchan Aruch

Grace After Meals -- Torah commandment to praise God after eating bread or similar foods

gramma -- an action done in an indirect way

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