nachat (nachas) -- lit.: pride, pleasure; children give nachas to their parents, and we all strive to give nachas to God

nadiv -- a generous person

Nashim -- lit.: “women”; third section of the Mishnah, dealing with issues between men and women such as marriage, divorce, etc.

Nasi -- prince or president

navi -- a prophet; the plural Nevi'im refers to the section of the Bible that includes Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.

Nazir -- an ascetic who, for a set period of time, refrains from cutting his hair, drinking wine, and entering a cemetery

nedivut (nedivus) -- generosity

nedivut ha-lev (nedivus) -- generosity of the heart

nefesh -- an aspect of the soul

ner tamid -- eternal light, placed above the holy ark in the synagogue

neshama -- divine soul

netilat yadayim (netilas) -- ritual hand-washing, performed at various intervals, e.g. upon waking up in the morning, prior to eating bread, and others

Neviim -- lit.: Prophets; middle section of the Jewish Bible comprised of the writings of the prophets

Nezikin -- lit.: “damages”; fourth section of the Mishnah, covering civil and criminal law

niddah -- a menstruating woman, required by the Torah to abstain from marital relations

niggun -- a melody without words

nisayon (pl.: nisyonot, nisyonos) -- a spiritual trial

Nissan -- month in the Jewish (lunar) calendar, coinciding with March and April. Described by the Torah as “the first month of the year,” as it marks the Exodus from Egypt (and the festival of Passover)

Numbers -- fourth of the Five Books of Moses

nusach -- lit.: formula; melody and text of prayers, that may vary slightly between communities

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