Simchat Torah (literally "Rejoicing of the Torah") immediately follows the week-long Sukkot festival.

On this day, we carry the Torah scrolls and dance for hours around the bima (the platform where the Torah is read) -- celebrating the completion of the yearly cycle of Torah readings, and the beginning of a new cycle.

A mainstay of this celebration is the singing of traditional songs -- again and again, as we dance around the bima.

This page contains the text and audio of 32 of the most popular melodies. Never again will you need to move your mouth without knowing the words!

Scroll down for the text and audio recording of each song, featuring the voice of Daniel Goldman.

A note about pronunciation: There are two significant differences between classic Ashkenazi pronunciation, and Sefardi pronunciation (familiar as modern spoken Hebrew). In the transliterations below, Ashkenazi pronunciation follows these rules:

  • å is pronounced like the first syllable in awesome.
  • t (underlined) is pronounced like the letter S.

Right click here and select "save target as", to download the full audio file of all 32 songs.
Click here for a printable PDF of the text of all 32 songs -- with Hebrew, English, and transliteration.

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Song #2

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Song #4

Song #5

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Song #7

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Song #9

Song #10

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